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Updated Aug 16, 2021

Paraphrase Online

By Matthew

Why paraphrase online? Using a paraphrase tool will not only help you save time in producing the best version of your texts, but also will give you ideas for how to elaborate, simplify, and clarify your thinking.

With our 100% free paraphrasing tool online, you can use the following modes to make the most of your writing:

  1. Academic - rephrase your text in a way that will meet with approval in academic settings.

  2. Elaborate - enrich your expressions, assertions, and questions with greater detail.

  3. Simple - make your text more accessible to learners without the vocabulary that your original texts expects.

  4. Clear - make sure your articles have clear subjects aligned to flesh and blood characters and verbs aligned to concrete actions.

  5. Smooth - rephrases your text so that it is cohesive, using appropriate transitions.

  6. Expand - add words to your sentences so that they convey the fullness of an idea.

  7. Shorten - tighten your sentences so that they are as concise as possible.

  8. Summarize - condense long passages into a few crisp sentences that convey your meaning.

  9. Formal - make sure your sentences and paragraphs have the right tone for a work or professional environment.

  10. Informal - relax the tone of your articles with language suitable for friends and family.

  11. Diplomatic - convey your ideas in the most appreciative, thoughtful tone.

  12. Standard - get a semi-random paraphrase that will vary your words.

  13. Fluent - make sure your grammar is correct.

  14. Creative - ensure your texts sound genuinely new.

  15. Confident - articulate yourself with confidence so as to inspire confidence in your readers.

It would be very hard to accomplish all these variations working manually or with a textbook. Therefore, the simplest and most effective way to paraphrase your work is to paraphrase online.

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