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Updated Sep 27, 2021

Paraphrase Tool

By Matthew

What can a paraphrase tool do for you? To get the most value from a paraphrasing tool, you should start by writing down your thoughts. Submit these thoughts to a paraphrase tool and look at many variations. Does something stand out to you? Are the paraphrases saying the same thing or are they clarifying something new for you? Are they very much the same or are they surprisingly simple while retaining the meaning you intended?

The reality is that our first drafts are often convoluted and difficult to read. Few of us speak or think in fully revised paragraphs, and expecting that anyone would is unreasonable. Revision is the real work of writing, and at the heart of revision lies paraphrasing. Below are the different ways you can paraphrase for free with our service, and we will be adding to these options over time.

  1. Clear - The most fundamental thing you can do for your writing and thinking is clarify it, and this mode will help you do just that by making sure that all of your subjects are flesh and blood characters completing real actions in the verbs you use.

  2. Elaborate - Sometimes you need more detail, and this mode will give you many ways of providing details, adding qualifications, events, or imagery to your sentences.

  3. Simple - Einstein said you should strive to express something as simply as possible but no simpler. Some thoughts carry inherent complexity, but with this mode, you can strip things down to their simplest form, while retaining the meaning.

  4. Expand - Sometimes we have word count requirements, and this mode will help you get there without adding a lot of fluff.

  5. Shorten - At other times we need concision, and this mode will help you achieve that by removing any unnecessary words or phrases.

  6. Formal - Writing in a professional context is important and requires a particular tone and disposition. With this mode, you will achieve that.

  7. Informal - At other times, it's more appropriate to use a relaxed tone, as with family and friends.

  8. Diplomatic - Regardless of who our readers are, we often want to be thoughtful, appreciative, and polite, and this mode focuses on conveying your meaning in the most agreeable way.

  9. Confident - confidence is an important characteristic we have to practice to get right, but as you need to communicate your thoughts now, this mode will help you express great assertiveness and resolution.

  10. Fluent - Also important is making sure that your writing is grammatically correct, and this mode around fluency will make sure that you sound just as an educated native speaker would.

  11. Standard - When you're just exploring and want to try some different phrasing, this basic mode will shake your phrases up for you.

  12. Creative - If you need a new, but similar text, this mode will make adventurous new rewrites for you.

  13. Smooth - Transitions are important, this mode will make sure that your prose flows seamlessly.

  14. Academic - Academic writing is one of the major kinds of writing, and striking the right tone with an academic audience is critical if you want them to value your work.

  15. Summarize - Often we need to communicate the gist of things, be they long articles or notes from a meeting. This mode will condense your writing.

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