How to Paraphrase to Clarify Your Writing

Updated Jun 10, 2021

How to Paraphrase to make Sentences Clearer

By Matthew

Clarity is one of the central concerns of revision, and you really need to see the difference between sentence variations to understand what clarity can bring to a thought. Below are some examples.

On the need for paraphrase generation

Original: There was a need for the generation of a paraphrase of each sentence written by the text generator.

Paraphrase: We needed to generate paraphrases for each sentence that the text generator wrote.

Even better paraphrase: We needed to paraphrase each sentence that the text generator wrote.

On the best of paraphrasing tools

Original: Which paraphrasing tool delivers the best rewording of sentences and phrases?

Paraphrase: Which paraphrasing tool best rewords sentences and phrases?

On the definition of paraphrase

Original: How do we define a good definition of paraphrase?

Paraphrase: How do we define paraphrase?

On how to build a paraphrase tool

Original: What goes into the building of a rewriter tool for the rephrasing of sentences and paragraphs?

Paraphrase: How do we build tools that rephrase sentences and paragraphs?

Again defining the paraphrase

Original: If a definition of paraphrase had to be provided, how would we define it?

Paraphrase: What does paraphrase mean?

The principles used to paraphrase these sentences come from the excellent book, Style: Lessons in Clarity and Grace, by Joseph Williams.

To learn more, check out this paraphrase how to guide; it's always good to see examples of paraphrase, so you know what to expect.