Using Rephrase Tools to Improve your Writing

Updated Sep 20, 2021

The Benefits of a Rephrase Tool

By Matthew

By using a rephrase tool, you can achieve a more powerful effect with your writing than if you only wrote one version of your sentences. Why? The answer is simple. By producing multiple rewrites, you can select which one best suits the meaning you are trying to convey. In this way, you shift from being primarily a writer (as in the first phase) to being an editor, a move that isolates your judgment to one of selection as opposed to creation. By focusing on selection, you can take a step back, observe the impact of each articulation, listen to the sounds of the words, and determine which is best for you.

Our rephrase tool has 15 free modes for you to choose from:

  1. Shorten - condense your writing so that it is as tight and concise as possible.

  2. Informal - casualize the tone of your essays, speeches, and blogs with language suitable for family and friends.

  3. Clear - make sure your texts have clear characters aligned to subjects and concrete actions aligned to strong, active verbs.

  4. Simple - make your text more accessible to a younger audience that may lack the more complex vocabulary that your original texts may require.

  5. Smooth - paraphrases your article so that it is well-joined, using cohesive transitions.

  6. Expand - lengthen your sentences so that they convey the full quality and substance of your ideas.

  7. Academic - rewrite your sentences so that they will make your professor smile.

  8. Summarize - reduce long passages into a tight paragraph that gives the gist of your writing.

  9. Formal - professionalize your articles, emails, and documentation with a formal tone.

  10. Elaborate - enhance your writing with details, providing context and additional information.

  11. Standard - the basic paraphrase, which will rearrange words for you.

  12. Diplomatic - the polite version of your thoughts.

  13. Confident - a strong, assertive paraphrase that leaves little room for doubt.

  14. Creative - a new direction for your thoughts, expressed so that they generate more than you give them.

  15. Fluent - fixes your grammar.

The above modes make it clear that using a rephrase tool can add a lot of interesting value to your writing, and with our completely free service, you can get the most out of your prose.