Rephrase Your Writing

Updated Oct 25, 2021

Rephrase Your Writing

By Matthew

If you rephrase your writing, you can engage your readers far more deliberately than with a first draft alone. How? You can choose which rewrite suits the meaning you are trying to convey by producing multiple rewrites. In this way, you shift from being a writer to an editor, focusing on selection rather than creation. You can take a step back, listen to the sounds of the words and decide which is best for you.

Our rephrasing tool has 15 free modes for you to select from:

  1. Shorten - cut to brass tax by giving your readers the barest version of your thought.

  2. Informal - relax the tone of your essays, articles, and blogs with language suited to family and friends.

  3. Clear - make sure your articles, essays, paragraphs, and sentences have clear characters aligned to subjects and concrete actions aligned to strong, active verbs.

  4. Simple - help younger audiences understand text that are too complex

  5. Smooth - paraphrases your article so that it flows well, using cohesive and seamless transitions.

  6. Expand - elongate your sentences so that they convey the full subtance and quality of your ideas.

  7. Academic - rephrase your sentences so that they will make your professor nod in approval.

  8. Summarize - tighten long passages into a concise paragraph that conveys the crux of your writing.

  9. Formal - formalize your articles, emails, and documentation with a professional tone.

  10. Elaborate - enhance your writing with rich details, providing additional context and information.

  11. Standard - the vanilla paraphrase, which will rearrange words for you to maximize the difference.

  12. Diplomatic - the polite and generally more appreciative version of your thoughts.

  13. Confident - a strong, bold paraphrase that leaves little room for self-doubt.

  14. Creative - a new excursion for your thoughts, expressed imaginately so that they generate more than you give them.

  15. Fluent - fixes your grammar and ensures that you are indistinguishable from a native speaker.

The above modes clarify that rephrasing can add a lot of meaningful value to your writing, and with our entirely free service, you can get the most out of your written work.