Paraphrase Tools to Improve your Rough Drafts

Updated Aug 21, 2021

Tips for Rewriting Your Rough Draft With a Paraphrase Tool

A paraphrase tool is a new feature that some websites have that will convert your text from one form to another without completely changing the meaning. The purpose of this rewriting program is to allow you time to think, process, or muse, by editing for content, style, and linking words without having to do it all at once. Paraphrasing tools also work as sentence changers that can help fix errors in grammar and punctuation. A rephraser takes existing material and identifies key points within it, removing any unnecessary information so the article reader does not get distracted. There are many other writing resources that can also be used for revision purposes: self-editing apps like paraphrase, www.paraphrase, or our own But there are many sentences that need an immediate rewrite even if they are not grammatically incorrect because the content needs additional detail or context; either way, a good paraphrase tool will provide both necessary fixes for those sentences. So take a few seconds to look for a paraphrase tool feature you like, and the need may never arise to spend hours of wasted effort rewriting.

What’s nice about a sentence changer or a thesaurus for sentences is that you don’t need a finished or completed thought before it can start improving it for you. For instance, if you have a few phrases or ideas you can throw together, you can input these into the sentence thesaurus, and it will return something much more fluent and coherent that you can build off of. Your thought may not have even been very clear to you before you reworded the sentence, but once you did, it made sense. That’s the power of using a paraphrasing tool for your writing, and we suggest you give it a shot.

To learn more, check out this paraphrase how to guide; it's always good to see examples of paraphrase, so you know what to expect.