What is a Sentence Thesaurus?

Updated Aug 18, 2021

What is a Sentence Thesaurus?

By Matthew

A sentence thesaurus is a type of dictionary that provides a rewritten sentence, as opposed to single synonyms and antonyms for words. It can be used to find alternate ways to express the same thought. In the United States, thesauri are typically used by educators and writers to improve vocabulary skills and the quality of writing. They are also useful for people who have trouble coming up with words to express ideas. The term "sentence thesaurus" is actually a misnomer; since a sentence thesaurus doesn’t store and retrieve synonyms and antonyms for whole sentences. It generates them dynamically but adjusting the grammar.

What should I look for in a Sentence Thesaurus?

If you are new to sentence thesauruses, there are some important aspects to consider before starting your research:

1) Readability

A good sentence thesaurus will return alternate sentences that are easy to understand, so that you can improve on the writing you already have.

2) Coverage

Make sure that the paraphrase you receive from a sentence thesaurus maintains the same meaning as the original.

3) Scope

An appropriate paraphrase will not increase or decrease the scope of the sentence, meaning that it will not introduce new qualifiers such as ‘all,’ ‘some,’ or ‘only’ whose meaning is not included in the original.

4) Tone

Make sure that the tone of the paraphrase you receive from the sentence thesaurus is the right one you want to convey to your audience. Getting the tone wrong is a common problem among sentence thesauri.

To get started, try our free sentence thesaurus and you’ll be well on your way to better writing.

To learn more, check out this paraphrase how to guide; it's always good to see examples of paraphrase, so you know what to expect.