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19 Argumentative Essay Topics to Help You Nail Your Essay

Updated Dec 4, 2022

19 Argumentative Essay Topics to Help You Nail Your Essay

Having a high quality argumentative essay topic is important for achieving a successful essay. Argumentative essay topics are used to present a specific point of view to an audience and to convince them to agree with it. These topics are often controversial, thought-provoking, and often have multiple sides to them. They can be used to discuss a variety of topics such as politics, religion, current events, and even everyday life.

Essays that are based on argumentative topics are often used to evaluate a student's ability to form, structure, and defend an opinion. These essays require a strong understanding of the topic at hand and the ability to form a compelling argument. A successful argumentative essay will have an introduction that provides an overview of the topic, clear evidence to support the main points, and a conclusion that summarizes the argument.

The type of argumentative essay topics that are chosen will depend on the purpose of the essay. For example, persuasive essay topics are used to argue for or against a certain theory, while debate topics are used to discuss a particular issue and explain the various sides of it. Controversial topics can be used to create a sense of debate and to challenge people to think about different perspectives. Expository and informative essay topics are used to inform readers about a particular topic, while analytical essay topics require deep thought and research. cause and effect essay topics are used to explore the cause and result of a particular event or situation, while problem solution essay topics are used to find solutions to an existing or potential problem. Comparison and definition essay topics are used to compare and contrast different things and to define a particular term or concept.

Having high quality argumentative essay topics is essential for a successful essay. These topics provide a platform for students to express their opinions and to explore the various sides of a particular issue. As such, it is important to choose topics that are both interesting and thought-provoking. This will ensure that readers will be engaged and will want to read more.

Is technology making us more connected or more disconnected?

When I look back on the last two decades, I see a stark difference in how I interacted with people compared to today. While I’ve always been a big fan of writing letters, notes, and cards to friends and family, my reliance on technology has made it easier to stay in touch with nearly everyone I know. When I look at the two eras, I can see how I’ve grown closer to my friends, family, and even colleagues. I think that this is a great example of how technology is making us more connected.

Should the government be responsible for providing health care to all citizens?

The first thing a student writer should do is look up this topic on Google. By doing so, you’ll avoid making a mistake as you’ll see what other writers have said about this topic. You’ll also learn what the experts have to say about this question, which will help you think about it from different angles. You can then use the information you’ve gathered to form your own opinion about this question.

Should the death penalty be abolished?

The news cycle is always churning and there are always new arguments to be made for and against the death penalty. When writing an essay, it’s always a good idea to do a little research before you begin writing. You can write an argument either for or against death penalty abolition, but you can use the existing arguments made by other people as a foundation for your work. For instance, you may research arguments for the death penalty and you may find that most people argue that the death penalty should be abolished due to DNA evidence exonerating many people on death row. You may choose to argue against this point, or you may choose to include the point and counter with a new argument.

Should the legal drinking age be lowered?

While it’s tempting to go off on a tangent and discuss other issues, such as public safety, you have to remember that the question is asking you to present your personal opinion on the legal drinking age and nothing else. So, keep your essay focused on that and don’t digress into other arguments.

Is the school system in the US failing students?

The school system in the United States is not failing students. In fact, it is doing a fantastic job at providing students with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful in life. The problem is that students are not taking advantage of the opportunities that are provided to them. Instead of spending time studying and doing their homework, they are spending time on social media, playing video games, and watching television. If students were to devote more time to studying and less time on other activities, they would see much better results.

Should the US adopt a single-payer health system?

This question is fairly straightforward, and the answer can be pretty much written beforehand by the student’s political views. If a student is coming from a more conservative background, they will probably write against a single-payer health system. If they’re coming from a liberal background, they will most likely write in favor of it. The same goes for other political viewpoints.

However, there is no need to restrict yourself to a direct answer to this question. You can give your point of view and also write about your personal experience with the health system in the US and how you think it would be if the system was changed.

Is affirmative action still necessary in the US?

Affirmative action is a touchy subject in the US and it can be difficult for students to understand the ins and outs. However, students should consider the history of race in America and how it is still a struggle to overcome even today. For example, black Americans are three times more likely to be unemployed than white Americans, and the average black household earns approximately half as much as the average white household.

There are still many barriers that exist in these circumstances, which is why affirmative action is still necessary today.

Are traditional gender roles still relevant?

Traditional gender roles are still relevant, but it is the job of the student writer to figure out why. It is easy to say that gender roles are no longer relevant in modern times with the amount of gender equality and discourse there is in today’s world, but it is important to look at the bigger picture. Gender roles can still be relevant because they allow us to create a sense of community and a base structure for our society. While times are changing rapidly, it is still important to have some sense of tradition and what gender roles mean in our world.

Are video games beneficial or detrimental to society?

When you’re researching for a writing assignment, it’s important to think about the question you’re asking and how you go about answering it. For example, as a student writer, when I’m researching the question “are video games beneficial or detrimental to society,” I like to consider the source and how they’re arguing their point. If you’re using a website or an article that’s making a definite statement, it’s important to look at what they’ve left out and consider their bias. Video games can be beneficial to society, but it’s also important to consider what kind of video games you’re playing and how that might affect your life, for better or for worse.

Is the media a positive or negative influence in society?

The media is unlike any other entity in our society, and a student writer should consider that fact when answering the question. The media is a force to be reckoned with and one that can shape our society in both positive and negative ways. While the media has the ability to influence the way we think and act, it also has the ability to educate us about important issues and events. Through the media, we can learn about important social and political issues, as well as learn about other cultures and traditions. The media can also influence our behavior in a negative way by promoting violence and sexism, but it can also influence us in a positive way by encouraging us to be more tolerant and accepting of others. The media has the power to influence us in both positive and negative ways, and it is up to us to decide how we are influenced.

Should animal testing be banned?

There are a few points to consider when answering this question. First, you should explain your position on animal testing. Are you against it or do you believe it should be allowed under certain circumstances? Then, you should explain why you believe this position. You may want to cite examples of why you think animal testing is wrong or why it should be allowed.

Is the use of GMOs helpful or harmful?

The real goal of a paper is to get the reader to think about whatever your topic is in a way they did not beforehand. So, if your stance is that GMOs are harmful, you need to lay out your evidence and then give your argument as to why you feel this way. The goal is for your reader to leave thinking that GMOs are harmful, and hopefully, you have given them enough evidence to come to this conclusion.

Should the US raise the minimum wage?

The US is the most generous country in the world when it comes to welfare. And the country’s taxpayers are generous enough to support a family of four earning $48,000 a year. That’s almost double a minimum wage employee’s income. Therefore, raising the minimum wage would be simply an unfair distribution of taxpayers’ money. The government needs to stop supporting unproductive members of society, and it needs to make sure that the money they do earn is invested in education and training.

Should the US reduce its military spending?

A student writer should think about the question, Should the US reduce its military spending? by recognizing the argumentative purpose of the question. It’s a persuasive essay prompt asking if the US should lower its military spending. It’s designed to spark a student writer’s creativity and encourage them to deliver a compelling essay. Writers should approach the question in a way that sums up the arguments for and against spending less on the military and then argue for their position.

Should the US legalize marijuana?

The legal ramifications of legalizing marijuana are vast and varied. For instance, there are issues of legality, enforcement, taxation, and criminal justice that must be addressed. In addition, policymakers must consider the impact on public health, public safety, and the economy.

Therefore, when considering the question of legalizing marijuana, a student writer should think about the legal ramifications, as well as the social, economic, and public health implications of such a decision.

Has the internet created more opportunities for freedom of speech?

The internet presents us with a myriad of opportunities to express our thoughts and share them with the world. Still, it’s important to remember that writing online is no different from writing in any other format, and a writer must strive to produce high-quality work. This means taking into consideration the rules of writing and adhering to them, even if these rules are different from what we’re used to. When it comes to freedom of speech, many people think that there are no boundaries, but that’s not the case. Writers must remember to respect the rights and feelings of others, and this applies online as well as in print.

Are human rights adequately protected around the world?

While the human rights crisis in America may seem to be the most important in the world to a student writer, the truth is that while the abuses by the American government are certainly drastic, the rest of the world is facing far greater challenges, and they deserve to be given priority.

With China and Russia’s ruthless suppression of protest, North Korea’s concentration camps, the Islamic State’s genocide, and many other problems that continue to be ignored by the media, the world is facing a crisis of human rights, and it needs to be addressed, and writers can be the ones to do so.

Should the US establish stricter gun control laws?

Students should remember that gun control is a hot-button issue in the US, and that any opinion they have on the matter is bound to be controversial. Because of this, it’s important to be mindful of the language that you use, and to avoid making any sweeping generalizations that could be seen as offensive. For example, if you’re arguing for stricter gun control laws, it’s best not to paint gun owners as irresponsible or “crazy.” Likewise, if you’re arguing against stricter gun control laws, it’s best not to paint gun control advocates as anti-Second Amendment or “anti-American.” By keeping your language neutral and respectful, you’ll be able to express your position without offending anyone or coming off as too extreme.

Should the US continue to support the War on Terror?

In an academic essay, the question is the basis of your entire argument. It’s what you’ll spend most of your time thinking about – researching, taking notes, and crafting your essay. It’s your thesis statement, and it guides your entire paper.

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