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Updated Jan 31, 2023

The Rhetorical Device of Deprecatio: A Masterful Art of Self-Deprecation

Introduction: Embracing Humility Through Deprecatio

In the realm of rhetoric, one finds a treasure trove of techniques that captivate audiences and convey powerful messages. Among these techniques lies the fascinating art of deprecatio, a rhetorical device that involves self-deprecation, or the deliberate belittlement of oneself. Deprecatio, stemming from the Latin word "depretiare" meaning "to undervalue," enables communicators to disarm their listeners, display humility, and build credibility. In this article, we will explore the nuances of deprecatio, its purpose, and provide intriguing examples of this artful technique in action.

Understanding Deprecatio: A Humble Path to Persuasion

Deprecatio is a powerful rhetorical device that involves the intentional self-deprecation of the speaker or writer. Its primary purpose is to disarm the audience, gain their sympathy, and build credibility by showcasing humility. Through deprecatio, a communicator acknowledges their perceived shortcomings, flaws, or limitations, creating an immediate connection with the audience. By employing this technique, the speaker or writer demonstrates vulnerability, which enhances their ethos and fosters a sense of relatability among listeners or readers.

Examples of Deprecatio in Various Contexts

1. A Comedian's Self-Deprecation

Comedians are renowned for their mastery of deprecatio, as they skillfully use self-deprecating humor to endear themselves to their audience. Take, for instance, the legendary comedian Chris Rock, who often incorporates deprecatio into his routines. In one of his stand-up specials, he humorously quips, "I'm not saying I'm ugly, but if a serial killer saw me alone in a dark alley, he'd hug me." By making light of his appearance, Rock disarms the audience, creating a shared sense of humor and camaraderie.

2. Political Self-Deprecation

Politicians are no strangers to deprecatio either, as they often employ this technique to humanize themselves and connect with voters. During a political campaign, former President Barack Obama once jokingly stated, "I'm skinny but tough, like a rail." By playfully acknowledging his physique, Obama endeared himself to the audience and projected an image of relatability.

3. Branding Through Self-Deprecation

Deprecatio can also be a powerful tool in branding and marketing. A memorable example of this can be seen in a campaign by the fast-food chain Burger King. In an advertisement, Burger King displayed an unflattering image of their signature Whopper burger with the tagline, "It's awful. 100% of people surveyed think so." By self-deprecatingly highlighting negative feedback, Burger King created a sense of authenticity and transparency, appealing to consumers who appreciate honesty.

Conclusion: The Artful Balance of Deprecatio

In the realm of rhetoric, the strategic use of deprecatio can be a potent tool for capturing attention, fostering relatability, and building credibility. By skillfully employing self-deprecation, communicators can disarm their audience, create a shared sense of humor, and convey humility. Whether it's a comedian eliciting laughter or a politician connecting with voters, the art of deprecatio continues to be a valuable technique that captivates audiences worldwide. So, embrace the power of self-deprecation, and let deprecatio be your gateway to persuasive communication.

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