I searched online for a grammarchecker, but the paraphrase tool turned out to be so much more!
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This is the frist time I’ve seen thesauruses for sentences. Makes writing more fun.
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I was searching for thesatus and found this paraphraser for my assignments. I’m going to ace this semester.
L. Davis
I’m coming back to school after 25 years in the workforce. It’s a little intimidating to be around much younger people who understand the technologies. When I was in college the first time, my go to for writing papers was the thesorus. Now with tools for paraphrasing like this, I can write much faster and have time to reflect on my work.
T. Mclellan
I’m usually skepticl of these kinds of tools promising a grammer chack and some style stuff. I was surprised that the paraphrase generator does so much.
B. Lewis
I love the paraphrasing examples and that the tool is super fast.
B. Villareal
After using a bunch of paraphrasing tools and sites like grammerly I think paraphrase tool is the best one and it’s completely free.
M. Papas
Friends don’t let friends turn in papers without a grammare check first. My friends tole me about this site and now I use it for very assignment.
J. Black
When I came to this site, I didn’t know the definition of paraphrasing. Now I’ve seen paraphrasing examples, and paraphrase tool makes it so simple for me.
O. Ahuja
Quería parafrasear mi español, pero la tecnología para las herramientas de parafraseo generalmente se limita al inglés. Muy feliz de encontrar esto.
M. González-López
This is like a thesurus for the whole paper!
I. Hayes
If it had citations, it would be a one-stop writing shop!
N. Rutherford
I wanted a thesauru, but with the best words for the context. This is exactly what I was looking for, a tool for paraphrasing and didn’t even know what paraphrasing was before. Thanks for making this!
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Tools for paraphrasing seem to be cropping up, and it’s important to find the right one for you. This one is the right one for me.
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What is paraphrase? The best version of your own thoughts. I learned that here.
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Es ist so schwer, ein gutes Werkzeug paraphrasieren für Deutsch zu finden.
J. Strauss