Text Simplification Through Paraphrasing

Updated Sep 10, 2021

Paraphrasing for Simplicity

By Matthew

Have you ever wanted a simple tool to simplify text for you, text that maybe you have to read but just too complex, or perhaps text that you’ve written and want to simplify? Now, for free, you can convert complex, professional English to simple English with our paraphrase tool. How does this text simplification work? Let’s dig into the details.

What is a simple sentence?

Simple Vocabulary

A simple sentence is one that typically uses simple vocabulary without too many syllables. In English, this often means using shorter, more familiar Saxon words than those from Latin and Greek descent to express the same meaning.

Sentence with complex vocabulary:

He has been experiencing postprandial cardialgia.

Simplified sentence:

He's been feeling pain in his chest after eating.

Simple grammar

A text simplifier will also treat the grammar of the sentence, turning complex text into simple text by reducing the number of clauses, removing redundant information, and the like.

Sentence with complex grammar:

Given the pressures to rewrite articles in simple english from both a time perspective and a content production perspective, it would seem prudent to undertake this text simplification using a simple sentence generator.

Simplified sentence:

You can simplify articles much more quickly with a tool that simplifies sentences.

Benefits of text simplification

Having a tool that simplifies sentences makes it easier to understand the substance of a sentence without getting lost in complex vocabulary and grammar. By writing simply, we can often put more meaning in fewer words, and our readers will better understand what we are trying to communicate.

Now you can try simplifying your own texts completely free.