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15 Tips to Create an Engaging Abandoned Cart Email

Updated Dec 7, 2022

Abandoned Cart Email

Cart abandonment emails, also known as shopping cart abandonment emails, cart recovery emails, cart recovery campaigns, cart abandonment campaigns, and shopping cart abandonment campaigns, are an essential tool for businesses in the digital age. Cart abandonment reminders, shopping cart abandonment reminders, cart recovery notifications, and cart abandonment notifications can help drive customer engagement and boost sales.

These emails are important for businesses because they give companies the opportunity to reach customers who have abandoned their shopping carts, reminding them of the products they were interested in and encouraging them to purchase them. Additionally, these emails allow companies to analyze customer behavior and better understand why customers may have abandoned their carts.

Having high quality abandoned cart emails is also important because it can help increase customer engagement and boost sales. High quality emails can be personalized with product recommendations, discounts, and other incentives, which can help increase the likelihood of customers completing their purchase. These emails are also an excellent way to keep customers engaged with the brand and build customer loyalty.

Overall, having high quality abandoned cart emails is essential for businesses in the digital age. These emails can help increase customer engagement, boost sales, and build customer loyalty. Additionally, these emails allow companies to better understand customer behavior and take steps to reduce cart abandonment.

15 Tips to Create an Engaging Abandoned Cart Email

What are the best subject lines for an abandoned cart email?

The abandoned cart email is a critical component of your sales funnel. You’ve driven people to your website and gotten them interested enough to add something to their cart, but then something happened, and they left.

This is an opportunity for you to win them back.

You’re not going to win them over with some boring subject line that says, “Hey, you left your cart.” Instead, you’re going to win them back over with a personalized subject line that speaks to the specific item they were looking at, and the specific problem they encountered.

For example, if they were looking at a pair of shoes and left because they didn’t have any socks, your subject line might say, “Hey, got socks?”

If they were looking at a book and left because they didn’t have a bookmark, your subject line might say, “Hey, got a bookmark?”

If they were looking at a pair of shoes and left because they didn’t have the right shoes for their event, your subject line might say, “Hey, got the right shoes for your event?”

What you’re doing here is speaking directly to their specific problem, and then offering a solution. This is what makes for a great subject line.

You’re not just asking them to come back to your website; you’re addressing their specific problem, and then offering a solution.

How can I personalize the abandoned cart email?

It’s crucial to know the purchase cycle of your customers in order to personalize your abandoned cart emails. For example, if you know that your customers usually complete an order within 24 hours of adding a product to their cart, you can set up your abandoned cart email to remind them of the products they left in their cart.

But if your customers take longer to complete their orders, you may want to delay your abandoned cart email or send multiple reminders. By understanding your customers’ typical purchasing patterns, you can personalize your abandoned cart emails to help them complete their purchases.

What should I include in the body of the email?

The body of an email is where you’ll communicate the most important details about what you want to say. The reader will process this information faster than anything else in the email.

For example, the reader will decide if they want to continue reading based on how you begin the email. If you start with a question, or don’t have a clear subject line, the reader will probably decide not to read the rest of the email.

You need to make sure you include the necessary information in the email’s body. This means writing a clear subject line and an effective opening sentence. The body of the email should include everything else, including the main message, questions, and a call to action.

What are some strategies for creating urgency and motivating customers to complete their purchase?

The phrase “time is money” is true even in our modern world, so always remind your customers that time is valuable and they should complete the purchase as soon as possible. The earlier they purchase, the sooner they will receive their product and start enjoying it, so remind them of that. You can remind them that the product is limited in time or available only for a limited number of buyers, so the sooner they act, the more chances they will have to get it. Remind them of the fact that if they delay the purchase, the price may increase, so they should act fast.

What kinds of images or visuals should I include in the email?

Every email should include a call-to-action (CTA) so that the reader knows what you want them to do next. Without a CTA, your email will lack direction and may frustrate your readers. A CTA can be as simple as “Let us know if you have any questions!” or “Click here to sign up for our newsletter.”

Once you’ve included your CTA, be sure to add a signature with your name and contact information. Your signature should be at the bottom of every email you send, and it should include your name, company name, phone number, and email address.

How can I make the checkout process easier for shoppers?

Payment is the final step before the buyer can access the product they are purchasing. For this reason, it is important to ensure that payment is as seamless as possible. This can be done by offering different payment methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, and even cryptocurrencies.

By allowing shoppers to pay with the method of their choice, it will make the checkout process easier for them as it will eliminate the need for them to create additional accounts with other payment methods.

What incentives can I offer to customers in an abandoned cart email?

As you write an abandoned cart email, keep in mind that you’re not just selling a product to a customer, you’re also selling an experience. For example, if you’re selling a pair of shoes, you’re not just selling a product, you’re selling the comfort and style that comes with it. If you’re selling a subscription box, you’re not just selling a product, you’re selling the excitement that comes with opening it each month.

Stress the experience that comes with your product so that customers feel like they’re missing out if they don’

What are the best strategies for testing different versions of an abandoned cart email?

When testing different versions of an abandoned cart email, you want to make sure that you’re comparing apples to apples. In other words, the email content should be identical between versions; only the design should differ.

For example, if you’re testing two different abandoned cart emails, one in plain text and one with graphics and a design, you’re not getting an accurate measure of the effectiveness of the email content. Both versions of the email will be missing the design element, so you don’t know if it’s the design or the content that’s driving the response.

How can I make sure the emails are delivered to customers' inboxes?

The best way to get your emails into your customers’ inboxes is to send them during the day. Most customers receive emails from companies in the morning and evening, so if you want your message to attract attention, try sending it in the middle of the day.

Additionally, make sure that the subject line is clear and concise. You only have a few seconds to capture your customers’ attention, so it’s important that you make the most of this time. Finally, make sure that the content of your email is relevant and interesting.

Should I include a link back to the abandoned cart page?

If you send people to your abandoned cart page, it’s a good idea to provide them with a link to get back to the site’s homepage. Many consumers abandon carts because they don’t see the value of their purchase or the process of filling out information to make one. You could be losing thousands of dollars of business by not offering the link back to the home page. With the extra few seconds it takes to add this link, you can protect your business from lost revenue.

How can I make sure my abandoned cart emails are mobile-friendly?

Mobile and desktop users have different browsing patterns. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your abandoned cart emails are mobile-friendly.

For instance, you can create separate abandoned cart emails for mobile users. This will help you understand your customers’ needs and focus on what matters most to them.

What are the best practices for subject line length and formatting?

Subject lines that are too long are often discarded without further consideration. You have only a few seconds to catch the attention of the reader, so you need to be concise and to the point.

Don’t add unnecessary words such as “Dear” or “Hi.” You can even add a number to the subject line, for example, “Lead generation – 5 hot tips,” so that Gmail recognizes the message and places it in the inbox.

In addition, you can use the “media subject” format, which includes the image name or a GIF. For example, “New article: How to write a perfect subject line.”

How often should I send out abandoned cart emails?

Every writer should prepare abandoned cart emails at least once a week. The more often you do it, the better. The best time to send such emails is just before the weekend, when many customers tend to abandon their shopping carts and leave for the weekend.

What are the best ways to track the success of my abandoned cart emails?

Abandoned cart emails are meant to encourage customers to come back to your website and complete their order. For this reason, the success of your abandoned cart emails is measured by how many customers return and complete their order. You should track this metric regularly to see how your abandoned cart emails are performing and make adjustments as necessary.

How can I use customer data to create more effective abandoned cart emails?

Brands are leveraging AI to create more personalized abandoned cart emails that remind customers of items they left in their shopping carts. For example, AI can scan emails and social media posts to identify a customer’s name and find their abandoned carts based on the items they left behind. Once the shopping cart is identified, AI can use this information to send personalized reminders to customers with tips on why they left certain items in their carts, recommendations on what to purchase instead, and follow-up reminders to complete their orders.

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